fredag den 25. april 2014

Setup and remote connection

I use Putty to connect to the Pi, as I enabled SSH access during the first setup.
I will now try to setup the piface module using this guide. Just follow the guide.
This step went rather smooth, you can see the remote commands comming in on your terminal.

To install the CEC capability, we install libcec by following this guide.  If you don't have root privileges, put "sudo " in front of each command.
Compiling will take a good half hour.
This turns out not to have any python API, so I used this instead.

To get the yaml commands running, install
 sudo apt-get install python-yaml

For the LIRC bindings to python:
sudo apt-get install python-lirc

Don't forget to update your software once in a while:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade all

(This is equivalent to your Windows update)

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